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It’s January 1. Have you started procrastinating yet?

I bet you’ve experienced it. The start of a new year, particularly this new year, can feel amazing. You wake up on January first with great energy and a sense of purpose. There is a tomorrow and a tomorrow after that, but they look manageable from the vantage point of today. The trick, as you know, like with so many things, is to get that feeling of purpose to last through tomorrow and tomorrow and beyond.

Brush the crumbs from your intentions list from last night. Take a look at it. You…

This is a series of stories, a counter narrative from the future, numbered in sequence. If you’re a subscriber, you will receive them in order. If you’re not, and you’ve found them online, then start at #1 and read up.

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Counter Narrative #1

The Future Is on Repeat

This story, and the ones that will follow, have been locked inside me for a long time. As I tell each one, it vanishes like a dream. It’s a strange phenomenon, but it means that all these stories, published here one by one, are becoming yours. As you read each word, there is a pop…

500 Words: Wait, Wut #10

Looking back from 2050

Hello from the future. I am posting this from 2050. I have been completely restored. Thanks to the team! 🙌 They replaced my gut, re-vibed my nerves, resurfaced my heart, brought my hair back and got rid of the gray. Amazing! The only deal I had to make was that my eyes can never leave my phone. No big deal. Everything happens on phones anyway until we have the brain-machine interfaces next year. (Verizon, thanks for picking up 50% of the restoration! You folks are tops!)

I am wearing my containment…

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Today would be a good day to steal your data. We are all online in a shopping frenzy and your credit or debit card is heating up from overuse. Your head is already spinning, so I’m glad you’re taking a break to read this. Maybe you’ve already made a mistake that allowed hackers to get your info.

Relax. Your data is already stolen.

The bad guys already have your credit card info, social security numbers, mother’s maiden name, your phone numbers (obviously — all those junk texts explain that) and home address.

Perhaps you’re doing some soul searching right now…

A leading edge question about AI is how soon will it replace human thinking and creating. How long, people want to know, before I am replaced by a machine that never complains, doesn’t need breaks, and never expects a raise in pay.

When it comes to interacting with our everyday digital devices, machine thinking has already replaced human thinking. We allow machine intelligence to navigate the road for us, spell check us, choose how we spend our time, and recommend movies and books. How long before it is creating for us? Writing for us? Composing for us? Making paintings?


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When the smoke was thick, the sun was a salmon orb. It stayed an unhealthy pink until the burn from the north blew our way. Then it went dim and seemed like it might go out.

Staring at the sun, and being able to stare because it was a behind a veil of smoke, reminded me we were living in a dystopian family drama following a script that I didn’t like. But the cast was superb! …

Pizza night 🍕

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*Somewhat depressing, but keep reading. There is a plan in here for the way forward. *

We don’t have to acclimate to dystopia. We don’t have to compartmentalism horror. We can recognize this moment.

🎙Just posted our final episode of Season 1 — an entertaining talk about Human-Centered Design. Listen==>…

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Lee Schneider

Podcast producer. Author. Television escapee. Founder of @redcupagency. Co-founder of FutureX Network. Co-founder of 3 children. Married to a goddess.

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